a blog for the super sexy Brazilian male model Jose Mateus Verdelho Severino, or Mateus Verdelho for short :]

i own none of these pictures and the sole purpose of this blog is to show off the sexiness of this man. So please follow for everything Mateus :]
if i have posted a picture that you have taken and you don't want it on this blog, please contact me and i'll take them down.

keryn-thai said: I just found out about this model today, and looking through some of the photos, I can't figure something out. Some of the older photos (with less of his tattoo sleeves done), he has a gun tattoo on his hip, yet in some of the more recent ones (with more of his tattoo sleeves done), the gun is missing. Is that something that is just airbrushed out?

Yes, the tattoo has been airbrushed out in some recent photos. For example, in one photoshoot he was modeling swimwear, so it makes sense that the brand would want to airbrush out the tattoo since it might distract attention away from their product. But to my knowledge, he still does have the gun tattoo :)

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